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Working Group on Emerging and Priority Micropollutants (EMPs)

At the beginning of 2018, the Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster (LE2C) proposed to the Lombardy Region a Working Group on "Emerging and Priority Micropollutants" (WG-EMPs) with the aim of identifying the state of the art of knowledge on the presence, diffusion, dangerousness, etc. of EMPs in Lombardy.

-- SCOPE --

The objectives of the WG-EMPs are to

  • contribute to the definition of management strategies for environmental protection through the dissemination of detailed information on the phenomenon at regional level
  • facilitating the use of technological innovations in water treatment and the implementation of actions to contain the spread of pollutants, facilitating collaboration between research sectors and universities and with companies in the sector.


The WG-EMPs aims to

  • create a metadatabase on data collection actions, purposes, collection methods, sampling places, measuring sectors, analytical techniques, etc., highlighting all the regional actors involved in this context
  • develop a metadatabase on wastewater treatment technologies
  • produce a collection of all existing European, national and regional regulations to be made publicly available
  • proceed, through a collaboration with the Joint Research Centre of Ispra, to the creation of a database of EMPs data identified through the metadatabase. This collection should feed into the IPCheM platform
  • disseminate the results through documents and reports, also through public events involving other ongoing project activities at regional level (A first public event at national/international level was held on 11th and 12th June 2018 at Politecnico di Milano "Micropollutants and emerging contaminants: testimonies, solutions and perspectives" conference)
  • promote a reflection on EMPs to analyse risk, presence and evolution in natural waters, the role of institutions, standards and their evolution at regional (Lombardy), national and European level.


Membership of the WG-EMPs is voluntary and is open to research organisations, universities and companies that are members of LE2C.

As of today the members are ARPA Lombardia, BrianzAcque, Gruppo CAP, IRSA CNR, Istituto di ricerche farmacologiche Mario Negri, Lariana Depur, Joint Research Centre in Ispra of the European Commission, Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster, MM, Politecnico di Milano, Regione Lombardia, Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca, Università degli Studi dell'Insubria, Università degli Studi di Brescia.

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