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Aderma Locatelli S.r.l.

Head office

via Dante Alighieri 66, 22078, Turate, (COMO), Italia


about us

Adermalocatelli group’s history starts in 1972, year in which GL Locatelli is established. At the beginning the company is exclusively active in anchoring systems and connections for concrete products, industry in which has a leader position worldwide. Year after year, due to new business building needs and to the technical development, the firm extends its business area: fixings for plants and anchoring systems for ventilated façade. In 1999, thanks to the company raising qualification in ventilated façades, Aderma is founded. Aderma is a company controlled by GL Locatelli, whose main business is ventilated façades design and installation. In a very short period of time Aderma reaches top level places in its market thanks to its turnkey service. It realises its work in Italy and abroad, both private and public contract and since 2004 it has gained the OS18 SOA certification. In addition to ventilated façades, Aderma designs and installs suspended platforms in partnership with the Finnish firm Rostek. The intense research and develop activity, let Aderma win several tender notices, above all regarding the energetic efficiency study and supervision of the ventilated façades and the realization of a solar hybrid ventilated façade prototype, developed in partnership with the university Politecnico di Milano. Improving the energetic performances of its products, Aderma is studying new aerogel applications and transparent solar protected paint.


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Certificates / qualifications

  • ISO EN9001
  • SOA

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