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Head office

Via Cesare Battisti 21, 22046, Merone, (COMO), Italia


about us

ASIL S.P.A. is a public company founded in 1999 as natural evolution of the “Consorzio Ecologico dell’Alto Lambro e Piano d’Erba”, whose foundation’s aim in 1975 was to secure environmental protection, defend public health, such as the soil-, flora- and fauna’s one, and to stamp out any pollution cause in land areas under its competence. In 2001 ASIL S.P.A. merged “Azienda Bacino Bevera S.P.A.”, joining other 13 new Town halls under the Province of Lecco to the 21 ones members in the Como Province. ASIL S.P.A. skills diversify from Waste Water Treatment Plants and sewers building to treatment service management, currently guaranteed to 39 town halls in the Lecco and Como provinces by the WWTP in Merone. For over 30 years it has been cooperating with “Politecnico di Milano” University to: a) biological foams control in activated sludge plants with industrial sew-age provisions and nitrogen biological removal; b) feasibility study in order to upgrade the WWTP; c) nitrification speed checking with MARTINA biosensor; d) feasibility study in order to reduce odor emissions from WWTP; and with Bari “IRSA-CNR” for a study (cofinanced by MURST) concerning surfactants inherent to the Merone’s WWTP. Through skills accrued in years of activities on its competence territory, today ASIL S.P.A. unifies a totally renewed business management according to the newest regulatory provisions to the water resource public nature. Now the company pledge is to extend its activity to the operation and management of all those services linked to the integrated water cycle (including waterworks and sewer segments), currently guaranteed in several town halls by the Como Province.


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  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

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