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Galbiati Group S.r.l.

Head office

via Cà Bianca ai Pascoli, 23848, Oggiono, (LECCO), Italia


about us

Galbiati Group is an Italian company, internationally-recognized for the quality of its machining, mechanical engineering and construction. Specialized in machining largesized components since 1962, Galbiati Group is successful in all markets that require high standard precision components and machines. The Group primarily serves the steel, energy, astronomy, power transmission, and general engineering industries.

The wide-ranging know-how acquired over decades of working side-by-side with major industrial groups combined with significant investments in equipment and technology, have led the Group to establish five division products:

1. Mechanical machining and construction = Galbiati Group is the ideal partner qualified for custom construction of mid and large-sized components that require high quality standards. Our high-tech machine tools allows us to perform many types of machining, including NC boring, drilling, milling, and turning. Our ZEISS three dimensional measuring machines are fundamental for testing, dimensional inspection and certification. Galbiati Group can provide simple to complex mechanical assembly services as well as reconditioning.

o High-precision machining with hundredths tolerance (boring, milling and


o Mechanical constructions, turnkey machines and equipment;

o Dimensional inspections and non-destructive testing;

o Reconditioning of machines and equipment.

2. Gear Reducers = we have an extensive experience in the design, manufacturing and revamping of: mechanical transmissions for steel industry (hot and cold rolling mill), cement and rubber industries, mining industry, cable car systems and hoisting winches etc. (Large Edger drives, pinion stands and twin drives for mill stands, main drives for shears, tilting converters drives, coilers and uncoilers. Turbine and pump gearboxes for hydroelectric power plants; planetary drives for antenna actuation and for TBM rotating heads; drives for rubber and plastic mixers; drives for cement industry and solid mills; winch drives for cable-car industry -cable railways, cable ways, cable cars, and chairlifts-and hosting equipment; gears and toothed gear segments for antenna actuation; girth gears for cement mills and kilns; gears for harbor cranes and marine winches; ring gears and pinions for TBM head drives.)

3. Engineering and construction of mechanical machines = we manufacture highprecision, large metal working machines. The machines are custom built according to customer designs and projects or are fully designed at Galbiati based on the customer’s specifications.

4. Deep hole Drilling Machines = Galbiati Group builds machines for deep drilling shell and tube heat exchanger plates (ASME, TEMA, and PED codes). These products are used in chemical, petrochemical and nuclear industries. Models with 1 to 5 spindles, with BTA (STS) and Gun-drilling systems.

5. Presses and Notching Machines. = The Press and Notching Machine division at Galbiati Group is specialized in the design and construction of high speed presses and notching machines. It is dedicated to blanking and notching of magnetic laminations to produce rotors and stators for electric motors. From machining, to engineering, manufacturing and revamping of machines, the Galbiati Group has made flexibility and quality its strength. Galbiati Group is one of the few Italian companies capable of inspecting and certifying its own parts using the ZEISS MMZ-G 30 60 25 three-dimensional measuring machine.

Galbiati Group has no “standard catalogue”. Instead, there are thousands of Galbiati customized products and machinery throughout the world.


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Certificates / qualifications

  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2008
  • Macchina di misura tridimensionale ZEISS MMZ-G 30 60 25
  • Macchina di misura tridimensionale ZEISS ACCURA
  • Qualifiche per l'esecuzione di Controlli Non Distruttivi: CND eseguiti in
  • riferimento ai requisiti previsti dalle norme UNI EN 473 e ISO 9712 con
  • qualifiche del personale certificate dall'ente CICPND, riconosciuto ACCREDIA,
  • valido per test: UT Ultrasuoni - MT Magnetoscopia - PT Liquidi Penetranti - VT Visivi.
  • Qualifiche per l'esecuzione di Controlli Non Distruttivi: CND eseguiti in
  • riferimento ai requisiti previsti nelle Recommended Practice nr. SNT-TC-1A con
  • qualifiche del personale certificate da CND valido per test: UT Ultrasuoni - MT Magnetoscopia - PT Liquidi Penetranti - VT Visivi.

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