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Neorurale S.p.A.

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via Giulio Natta, 27010, Vellezzo Bellini, (PAVIA), Italia


about us

Neorurale traces its roots back to the innovative approach of Ecodeco, which in the 80s promoted a new system to reduce, recover and dispose industrial waste.

Waste acquires economic significance

In the 80’s the first environmental regulations, prohibiting the free disposal of waste into the environment, gave a new economical meaning to waste. Ecodeco, aware of this scenario, realized that the problem could not be solved by creating facilities for the nonspecific disposal of industrial waste, but by changing production processes to obtain re-useable or treatable products. Hence an innovative system for solving the problem of industrial waste was realized. Contrary to the prediction at the time, which envisaged a substantial increase of industrial waste, it was instead reduced to a tenth within 30 years, a fraction to what was projected.

Municipal waste (MSW) can produce energy

In a similar way to industrial waste, in the mid-90s, we arose  to the assumption that the organic fraction of municipal waste, considered without energy value, contained a quantity of energy, releasable by fermentation and sufficient to evaporate the water contained (biodrying). This led to the creation of the Ecodeco System for the valorisation of the residual fraction of municipal waste after separated collection, which today is successfully utilized to treat the waste of millions of inhabitants.

The success, also in economic terms, for the realization of such innovative systems that required a new vision, inspired Neorurale to find new solutions of problems such as the degradation of green areas in the rural areas of industrialized countries. This is cultural innovation.


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