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Univerlab Srl

Head office

Via Gaudenzio Fantoli 16/15, 20138, Milano, (MI), Italia


about us

Univerlab is an analytical laboratory providing comprehensive laboratory services to assist companies in research, innovation and analytical testing.

Univerlab has the experience and skills to perform analytical development work in three main areas:

1) Chemical Analysis: Our experienced staff samples and analyzes samples of various matrices (food, water, air, soil). Analytical laboratory techniques applied: HPLC-UV/RI, GC-MS, ICP-AES, Ion-exchange chromatography.

2) Microbiological analysis: We offer microbiological and biological testing for a large number of matrices (food, water, work environments, surfaces). Analytical laboratory techniques applied: Microscopy and PCR.

3) Bioremediation services: The laboratory performs fermentation on a laboratory and pilot scale (evaluation in microcosm of the efficiency of bioremediation techniques) and it has pilot scale bioreactors for the scaleup of biotechnological processes.

Our Mission: “Working for public health and production activities in the agrifood and industrial sectors in compliance with ethical values, with a view to socio-economic development in the country ".”.

Our Vision: Become a center of research and innovation to increase the sustainability of the agri-food and industrial supply chain through:

• Development of innovative food and environmental monitoring systems;

• Building close and solid relations with the institutions for the progress of the community rules governing the food and environmental sectors;

• Building close and solid connection among the supply chain' companies through productive partnerships to create new virtuous models in order to share good practices and structuring controlled supply chains that guarantee food safety.

The strategy pursued by UNIVERLAB is:

  • Constant contact with primary production and transformation activities in order to grasp the problems and opportunities that arise in the creation of new models based on research and technological innovation;
  • Identification of research topics shared by agri-food and environmental companies at national and international level;
  • Contribute to Food Safety through the analytical control of the food supply chains, which must increasingly be controlled through simple and effective systems that guarantee their effectiveness and economy on a large scale, to ensure:
    • Hygienic, sanitary and product control;
    • Microbiological control;
    • The control of packaging materials.
  • Contribute to Environmental safety through the analytical control of industrial supply chains, carrying out analytical tests of various environmental matrices (monitoring of gaseous emissions, wastewater and waste characterization). Virtuous production systems are promoted, where customers are supported through a process that involves the study and optimization of production processes.


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