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Low Carbon Business Action Project in Brazil

The project Low Carbon Business Action is an European-funded initiative that aims at engaging Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) from Brazil and from 28 Member States in Europe through a series of Business Matchmaking Missions (MM) to be held between September 2015 and February 2018.

- Promote the sustainable transition of SMEs to low carbon technologies and resource-efficient processes;
- Internationalize EU SMEs and support innovation, competitiveness and environment and economic sustainability of local counterparts;
- Support national low carbon emission strategies for tackling climate change;
- Expand emerging companies and create new ones in the low carbon technology sector, including equipment producers and service providers LOW CARBON SECTORS;

Some sectors are responsible for the major part of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions in Brazil. Many European companies have innovated in the development of environment-friendly technology, green solutions and processes. Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil fosters the competitiveness and sustainability of Brazilian SMEs in the following areas:

- Low Carbon Agriculture and Forestry Activities
- Renewable Energy Production and Consumption
- Industrial Processes & Energy Efficiency in Industry
- Waste Management & Biogas
- Energy Efficiency in the Building Industry

If you need any further information, or if you want to join, please contact:
Stefano Cominelli
You can visit the LCBA Brazil project website here.

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