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EU Techbridge

EU Techbridge is a 24-month European project (2020-2022) funded by COSME-Cluster Go International. This initiative will support SMEs working at the intersection of energy and water value chains to integrate into US and Canadian markets.

Modern energy and water systems play an essential role in all economies and are fundamentally linked, making the energy-water nexus a field of strategic importance to the Green Deal.

Policy frameworks are increasingly supporting the deployment of sustainable energy technologies and strengthening incentives to enhance energy efficiency, and the energy exploration industry is increasingly seeking to minimize its environmental footprint.

The recent implementation of the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) – which has simplified the export of goods and services between the two countries – allowed the development of the EU Techbridge project, that will intensify innovation collaboration in areas of strategic importance to both Canada and the EU, namely those at the intersection of energy and water.


EU Techbridge’s main objective is to support the internationalization of European SMEs to help them take full advantage of the growing demand for sustainable energy and smart water technologies in the United States and Canada.

The EU Techbridge project matches innovative European SMEs with North American based end-users/corporate buyers which are looking for innovative water and energy solutions. By setting up an intensive matchmaking programme (virtual and physical), concrete challenges from North American corporate buyers will be matched with innovative solutions from European SMEs.

EU Techbridge will organise 5 matchmaking missions from Europe to Canada and the United States. Before each mission, the project partners will specify the technology needs with the North American challenge owners. Aſter that, European SMEs will be invited to pitch their solutions. The first mission is scheduled for Spring of 2021.

EU Techbridge will allow you to:

- be informed about the state of the art of innovation in the water and energy fields of the United States and Canada;
- stay updated on emerging business opportunities in the North American market;
- get in touch with potential Canadian and US partners to present your innovative solution;


The Consortium counts 5 European Clusters:

- SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS HUB (SBH), coordinator - Sweden
- AVAESEN - Spain
- CLEAN - Denmark
- LE2C - Italy
- WATER ALLIANCE - Netherlands

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